Five Reasons to Drink Crémant d’Alsace This Holiday Season

  The holiday season is here and I bring bubbles to every party.  Presenting a bottle of bubbly adds a special touch to the festive season.  There is something so indescribably fun in … [Read more...]

Tasting Trivento Malbecs With Germán Di Cesare

Malbec is known as a blending grape in Bordeaux and it's origins are undoubtedly Cahors, but Malbec has found a second home in Argentina.  In Mendoza, Malbec is thriving and some of the best Malbecs … [Read more...]

Concannon Vineyards – Trailblazing California Wines Since 1883

One of the reasons I enjoy wine is that you can often find history in the glass.  Every bottle represents the story of the winemaker, the history of the vines, expressions of the terroir and flavors … [Read more...]

Challenge Your Senses – 5 Portuguese Wines To Try Now

"Some make wines, while others make history." Challenge your palate and your senses with Portuguese wines. Portuguese wines have a way of creating memories and unforgettable experiences.  A region … [Read more...]

Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wines of Spain and France

The French call it Grenache and Spain calls it Garnacha, however you say it, it is undisputedly the most widely planted grape around the globe.  Grenache thrives in  Southern France and Northern Spain … [Read more...]

10 Merlots From Around the World That You Should Be Drinking Now

Merlot is making a comeback and I have 10 superb Merlots from around the globe that will make you fall in love with this varietal.  It is a quiet varietal, understated and elegant, often associated … [Read more...]

Tasting Tapiz Wines With Patricia Ortiz

Patricia Ortiz is the owner of one of the most prestigious wineries in Argentina.  With three brands, Tapiz, Zolo and Wapisa, she is making some of the best and most unique terroir driven wines coming … [Read more...]

Fifteen Shades of Paso Robles

Paso Robles is an incredibly diverse wine region with a range of soils, climate and grape varietals.  The region is home to over forty grape varietals, and so maybe the title should be "Forty Shades … [Read more...]

Volos – Experiencing Greek Life With Tsipouro and Mezedes

Volos is an destination on mainland Greece that is absolutely worth visiting.  With the majestic sea as its base combined with the rugged backdrop of Mount Pelion, Volos is a picturesque city that is … [Read more...]

A Taste of Calabria: Librandi Wines of Cirò

We all know the wines of Tuscany, Piedmont, and even Sicily, but mention to someone the wines of Calabria and you might get a blank stare.  Well that is about to change, the next generation of … [Read more...]