Celebrate Barolo Week With Fontanafredda Wines

Barolo Week

Nebbiolo is a noble grape that makes beautiful Barolo wines from northern Italy’s Piemonte region.  Barolos are some of the worlds most complex and age worthy wines.  For the third year in a row, Fontanafredda, the legendary Italian wine producers celebrate the annual Barolo Week, taking place October 17th to October 30th.

Barolo Week(#BaroloWeek) is a celebration of the iconic wine of Italy’s Piedmont region, Barolo. Known as Italy’s most highly-regarded wine, Barolo is referred to as the “King of Wines.” Fontanafredda, the legendary winery founded by the first King of Italy, is one of Piedmont’s most renowned producers. Their Barolos are the definition of accessible luxury.  Grab a few bottles and celebrate #BaroloWeek with us.

Spread over 250 acres, Fontanafredda’s Barolo Cru property within the territory of Serralunga d’Alba is the single largest contiguous wine estate in the Langhe hills of Piemonte — and it has a history to match. The estate was first purchased in 1858 by Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy, who cherished the native varietals of Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo.

Today, the wines are celebrated across the world, thanks to the traditional wine-making techniques and the unique territory. The diverse soils of Fontanafredda’s property tend to be chalky, which helps the grape retain its acidity. Within a few feet, the soil can vary from loose with high sand content to firm and rich in silt and clay. This diversity lends itself to the various characteristics of the vines planted on these hills.

“Barolo is a complex, unique wine,” says Fontanafredda owner Oscar Farinetti. “We at Fontanafredda have a unique story to tell as one of the region’s most renowned producers, as we celebrate the estate’s 160th anniversary this year. We see Fontanafredda’s Barolos as the definition of accessible luxury, and I am so pleased to welcome fans new and old to the third edition of Barolo Week[s], which is an incredible opportunity for wine lovers to experience such amazing, benchmark wines.”

The lineup in the U.S. includes Barolo tastings for trade, press and the public at the New York CityChicagoLos Angeles and Boston locations of Eataly, the quintessential Italian culinary marketplace. So come grab your tickets, or at least a few bottles of Fontanafredda Barolos and celebrate #BaroloWeek


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