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Montes Wine

September can be such a beautiful time of year.  There is still warmth in the air to take a dip in the pool or beautiful weather for a backyard barbecue party but the nights start to cool down and there is a slight nip in the air.  It is still perfectly wonderful weather for sipping rosés during the day and transitioning to reds in the evening.  Montes Cherub Rosé and Montes Syrahs are the perfect wines for the transition from summer to fall.

In Chile, Aurelio Montes Sr. needs no introduction.  Aurelio Montes is one of the most respected winemaker in all of Chile.  Early in his career, with a degree in Agronomy and Oenology, Montes set out to travel the world and learn more about wine making in different parts of the globe.   He explored old world wine regions and new world technology.  He then worked for many years as an Oenologist at a few wineries throughout Chile. In 1987 Montes and his partners Douglas Murray and Alfredo Vidaurre started Montes Winery with the vision and determination to elevate the quality of Chilean wines and become a leader in producing world class renowned wines.  With hard work, determination and dedication, Montes Wines have become highly regarded throughout the world.  Having established a solid reputation in Chile, he then moved across the Andes to produce wines in Argentina under the Kaiken brand.

Having over 35 years of experience and knowledge in wine making Aurelio Montes is considered to be the founding father of the modern Chilean wine industry.  Having gained much respect and acclaim, he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernest & Young in 2008.  U.K. Master of Wine awarded him Wine Personality of the Year in 2009.  In 2015 Wine Enthusiast Magazine name him Innovator of the Year.

Montes loves to travel around the world, especially as he sails aboard his 39 foot sailboat Folly.  Montes has thirty years of sailing under his belt so he loves spending time on the water with family and friends while drinking wine.  He recently joined the Chilean Navy’s Special Reservation Squad, where is is lieutenant of a Chilean Battleship navigating off the coast of Patagonia.   He has shown his grandchildren that anything is possible at any age.

So come enjoy the wines of this remarkable man and explore Montes Wines.

Montes Cherub Rosé 2016

This elegant rosé is a blend of Syrah(85%) and Grenache(15%) grown in the Arcángel Finca in Marchigüe Valley in granitic soils.  The Cherub rosé has a beautiful soft subtle grapefruit pink hue.  The wine is fruity, intense and fresh.  There are light alluring aromas of fresh strawberries, citrus and spice.  On the palate there is a burst of fresh fruit and spice.  There is a nice balance of fruit and acidity. The wine will pair perfectly with sushi, light salads, and pastas.

Montes Alpha Syrah 2012

This rich deeply colored Syrah is from Colchagua Valley and is dry farmed, they like to let nature irrigate with rain.  Sustainable dry farming allows for a more intense and concentrated wine.  The wine is amazingly dense with a rich ruby red color.  There are classic aromas of dark cherries, blueberries, lavender, cocoa and spice.  The palate affirms the aromatics with notes of blueberries, cocoa, black pepper and sage.  There are smooth tannins and the wine displays incredible depth and complexity.  It is drinking well now, and will continue to evolve for a few more years.  I love pairing this Syrah with lamb chops, steaks, or any hearty meat dishes.

Montes Folly Syrah 2009

I pulled this iconic Chilean wine out from my cellar with enthusiasm, suspense and excitement.  Montes Folly is made for old world collectors.  I knew the wine was still a baby but had several bottles so wanted to see how it would evolve or at least that was the excuse I used for my impatience in opening this bottle.  This is not a Rhone style wine, nor is it an Aussie style Shiraz.  Montes Folly is a wonderful, unique expression of its own terroir and a true representation of high altitude farming.  Aurelio Montes had a vision to make a high elevation Syrah, the local farmers thought it a “Folly” to grow on untested land and an even greater “Folly” to grow on such high steep slopes, hence the name Montes Folly,  Years later we know Aurelio is having the last laugh, as this wine is one of the worlds great Syrahs.  Montes Folly is grown on the highest slopes on one of the best sights in all of Chile, La Finca de Apalta with an incline of 45° degrees.  What makes this wine especially more interesting is the artist designed label.  The labels are by Ralph Steadmen and they have become a serious collectors item, as the artwork on the labels change every vintage.

Knowing this was a world class Syrah, I gave the wine two hours to decant.  It had beautiful violet colors.  It took some time for the aromas to open up, but once it did, I sensed blueberries, lavender, cherries, black pepper, cocoa and spice.  The palate was vibrant and uplifting with lots of dark fruit, blueberries, cassis an spice. The wine had many wonderful layers with its firm tannins and intense structure and savory finish.  Truly a world class wine and hands down one of the best Syrah’s from Chile.  This wine needs to be paired with a special evening shared with very special friends over deep conversations.

Montes Wine

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