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I had started off my morning with an intense yoga class and had worked up quite an appetite for breakfast.  I had heard of Sadelle’s all you can eat bagels, so I made sure I went with a ravenous appetite.  I was skeptical about all the hype, especially over bagels and babka, but having been to all the other Torrisi/Carbone/Zalanick ventures(Parm, Dirty French, Carbone, Santina), the expectations were high.  Upon entering I was instantly drawn to Sadelle’s alluring three level restaurant with fresh floral arrangements, exposed brick walls, skylights, beautiful turquoise tableware and a gorgeous long white marble communal table.  The ambiance at Sadelle’s is a mix of a French bistro and a Jewish delicatessen.  Come here for classic Jewish fare; bagels, salmon, babka, deli sandwiches and matzo ball soup.  Ooohhh I promise,  bagels have never been so glamorous.


Upon entering you are greeted at the take out deli and bakery.  It is decorated elegantly with Swarovski crystals, caviar and yes, you guessed it, bagels.  It is the most stylish Jewish bakery in all of Manhattan. I absolutely recommend eating at Sadelle’s, but if time is of the essence and you just want to grab and go, they offer bagels, breads, cookies, danish, buns and fish for take out.


Past the bakery, the space is large, airy, buzzy and chic.  The center of the restaurant has a large enclosed glass oven, where the bagels are made fresh throughout the day.  The breakfast/lunch menu consist of bagels, eggs, french toast, soup, salads, and sandwiches.  Though many of the dishes are worth trying, I highly recommend you stick to the bagels and smoked salmon, just because they are that good.

The bagels are just the perfect size, texture, consistency and flavored just right.  I recommend trying several different types of bagels.  My two favorites were the salt and pepper and the everything 2.0, which had a unique twist with fennel and caraway seeds.  The bagels are bought out fresh from the kitchen every 20 mins so keep a look out for the waiter yelling “fresh hot bagels”, throughout the dining room.  Make sure to top your bagels with the house specialty, smoked salmon.  The presentation is just so glam.  The toppings are served  in a high tea style, on a dramatic three-tier stand, or as they call it at Sadelle’s, The Tower. The bagels are served toasted on a stick with cream cheese in cute little ramekin bowls.  The salmon, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, capers and fresh dill are meant to be sandwiched in between your bagel.  To make it extra special, order the Mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice.  You feel like you are have a charming brunch at Laudree or Balthazaar, and you forget that it is just a bagel.



In addition to the bagels, try the chocolate babka, it is deliciously delicate and moist, with layers of marbled chocolate, topped with a thick layer of Valrhona chocolate.  Melissa Weller, formerly of Per Se, has perfected the Babka at Sadelle’s.   The sandwiches are huge and served in the traditional multi-layered Jewish deli style.  The matzo ball soup is served in a light vegetable broth which is light and perfectly balanced with the freshest of herbs.


And finally dinner is served.  Sadelle’s which has been open since August for breakfast and lunch only, just starting serving dinner this week.   Dinner is an East European/Russian inspired menu of caviar, vodka and the perfect chicken paprika.  My bets are still on the morning bagels, so try breakfast or lunch first.  The Major Food Group has opened yet another sure-fire hit with Sadelle’s.  Though the prices are inflated for a bagel sandwich($15), the experience and ambiance make up for the steep prices. So stop in for the bagels and babka, which is unlike any other in the city.


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