Following Your Dreams – THE SHORTEST WAY HOME

The Shortest Way Home

Calling all Oenophiles……….

Grab a bottle of Sonoma Wine and pair it with copy of The Shortest Way Home, by Miriam Parker.  It is sure to entice all of you that have ever thought about dropping everything and following your heart and your dreams.  Like a great glass of wine, this book is a little sweet and bit spicy.  It will tug on your heart and emotions and leave a memorable place in your heart, just like a special bottle of wine.

All of us, no matter how happy or lucky we may be, have two lives: the life we have and the life we dream about pursuing.  For Miriam Parker, that dream life revolves around escaping the responsibilities and stress of a nine to five job in New York City to enjoy a simpler existence in Sonoma wine country.

Miriam Parker’s recently released book, invites readers on a journey into this fantasy with her novel, The Shortest Way Home, an unforgettable debut that sparkles with humor and heart and introduces us to Hannah Greene.

All her life, Hannah Greene has done the sensible thing.  She went to the right schools, secured the ideal, high-paying job in Manhattan, and found the perfect boyfriend Ethan, who was ready to settle down and create a future with her.  But during a romantic weekend trip to Sonoma, Hannah is offered a marketing job at a struggling, yet impossibly charming winery.  She suddenly realizes that maybe the “perfect” life that she has planned, isn’t actually the one she wants.

The Shortest Way Home is a novel that is a celebration of independence, love, and choosing the path less traveled to get the life you are meant to have.

The book was inspiring and one that struck a personal cord.  Having left my own high profile, high powered career on Wall Street,  I stumbled upon my life as a wine writer.  Following my dream and following my passion made wine writing easy, fun and exciting.  Everyday I wake up with sheer joy and happiness to begin my workday.  I work 7 days a week, round the clock. I spend countless hours writing, drinking, traveling, meeting with winemakers, PR agencies, trade shows, tasting events and none feel like work.  Chasing my heart, chasing my dreams was the best choice I ever made.  Not only am I happy but others around me are happy.  I know Hannah’s story in The Shortest Way Home will make you feel the same way too.  So quick go grab your book and let me know what you think.  Be sure to tell me what wine you paired with it.

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