Wine Book – Wine Folly Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

Wine Folly Magnum Edition

If you are a wine lover than you want to get your hands on Wine Folly Magnum Edition.  Released today, it is a book that is creating a lot of buzz in the wine world.  Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack will heighten your appreciation and understanding for wine.

This hardcover book is a great collector’s piece with it’s strikingly beautiful embossed black, white and gold foil cover. This is one book that is stunning on the outside as well as the inside. It is a book that will stir conversations whether it is sitting on your coffee table or nestled amongst your collection of wine books.

We are a generation that loves visuals, a fact that is clearly obvious with our obsession with instagram, snapchat and facebook.   This book fits in with the theme of the times, visualization.  Wine Folly Magnum Edition is full of visuals, graphics, maps and charts that clarify the complex world of wine.

Wine books can often be intimidating, boring and pretentious.  Wine Folly Magnum Edition is none of that, it is an easy and fun way to enhance your wine knowledge.  Key topics like wine basics, food & wine, grapes & wines, and wine regions are explored.  It is a colorful book that will draw you in and spark your interest in wine in a fun and entertaining way.  It is a book that requires you to have a glass of wine in hand, my suggestion would be a glass of Syrah.  The wine will keep you in the present moment and will be a good study guide to help you explore as you are reading.

I have been a huge fan of Madeline Puckette for as long as I can remember. Her website Wine Folly has been immensely helpful in learning about wine regions and grape varietals.  I follow Madeline through her books, social media, and website, her enthusiasm and passion for wine is infectious.  Over the years, Madeline has inspired me as a writer in so many ways, and to that I am grateful. I fully appreciate her dedication and passion for wanting to write this book.

Wine Folly Magnum Edition is sure to appeal to all; newbies, wine connoisseur, sommeliers, bartenders and oenophiles alike. Readers will learn how to explore their own palate, how to pair wine, how to store and decant, as well as learn about wine regions around the world.   This book takes into account my overarching philosophy on wine: read a lot, taste a lot, share a lot and most importantly have fun.

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